Work as ship-station

In HOERWACHE you can participate as a ship or coastal radio station. To do this, select the appropriate menu item from the main menu and, after entering some form data, go to the radio station.

Menue: Work as Ship-Station

By selecting “Work as Ship-Station” in the “Radio station” menu item, you get to the selection form for ship radio stations.

Edit ship data and route

You only have to enter all data for the first entry. HOERWACHE notes the entry and saves it in a cookie. Therefore, you should definitely allow cookies for HOERWACHE, because the program cannot function properly without cookies.
All data fields must be filled. The program will ask you to fill in the fields until all data is complete and correct. Only then can you continue with “NEXT …”.

Ship selected

The completed form is displayed again and you can now access the HOERWACHE radio station by clicking on the “ZUR FUNKSTATION” button. To indicate that the fields can no longer be edited, the input fields are highlighted in gray. If you still want to change something, you can return to the entry with “ZURÜCK”.
As already mentioned, the name of the radio operator must be entered. For data protection reasons, however, any name or nickname can be entered. This will keep you anonymous if you want to.

If the selected station is already occupied by a colleague, you will receive an error message and will be asked to select another station. Unfortunately, this does not prevent someone from using your callsign incorrectly, but it was no different in “real life”.

Fehler Shipstation

Only the call sign has to be unique, ship names can be registered in HOERWACHE as often as required.

As long as you are online, the position data is recalculated on the basis of the data for position, direction and speed and displayed on the map. After leaving the station, the current position data is saved in a cookie (or in the local memory of your browser) so that it is available again the next time you visit. This assumes, however, that you use the same computer and internet browser, because this data is stored in the browser.

The radio station has a transmitter with all MF ship frequencies and a main receiver with all frequencies between 30 and 30,000 kHz as well as an emergency receiver for 500 kHz.

Now go to “Work as ship-station“.

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