Work as coast station

In HOERWACHE you can participate as a ship or coastal radio station. To do this, select the appropriate menu item from the main menu and, after entering some form data, go to the radio station.

Coaststation Auswahl

By selecting “Work as Coast-Station” in the “Radio station” menu item, you get to the form for the selection of coastal radio stations.

coaststation form

The coast station is selected by selecting it in the list on the left. In addition, you have to decide on which frequency you want to work, because each frequency of a coast station can only be used once. In this way, several radio operators can share the operation of a coast radio station without interfering with one another.
If you can’t find a colleague who would like to use a different frequency, you can of course open additional windows in the browser and use them to assign additional frequencies. But you should proceed with caution because every open radio station is quite a burden for the computer. In any case, it is better to use a second computer for this.
In this way it is possible to take calls on 500 kHz and then carry out further traffic processing on a working frequency.
Incidentally, ship radio stations have a transmitter with all MW ship frequencies, i.e. 410, 425, 456, 463, 480, 500 and 512 kHz.


After clicking on “Next”, the completed form is displayed again and you can now click on the “To radio station” button to go to the HOERWACHE radio station.
The name of the radio operator, in the input form on the right, must be entered, otherwise you will be asked by the program to do this if you try to continue without a name. For data protection reasons, any name or nickname can be entered. This will keep you anonymous if you want to.

If the selected station is already occupied by a colleague, you will receive an error message and will be asked to select another station. Unfortunately, this does not prevent someone from using your callsign incorrectly, but it was no different in “real life”.


If everything has been entered completely and the station is free, the call to the radio station should succeed.

Now go to  “Work as Coast-Station“.

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