The HOERWACHE Radio station

Radiostation Overview

1 – Radio room clock
        with green and red sectors for the silence period

2 – Station panel
         Display of station data, ro name, time,  position and speed

3 – Main receiver
         All-wave receiver for the range from 30 kHz to 30 MHz. Seven
        Memory locations for any frequencies that can be selected, one fixed for          500 kHz.

        Transmitter for all ship frequencies as well as one fixed frequency, if a
        Coast station was selected

        Multifunction control panel with band switch,
        activity indicator, display switch, oscilloscope, change of course
        and speed, server control display and an emergency receiver for 500 

6Steering compass
        Steering compass for displaying and changing the course (to change,
        using the mouse wheel when the mouse pointer is on the compass and
        the NAV button is off).

7 – Oscilloskop
         If the morse key is connected, an oscilloscope can be used
         to show the input and output signal (InSig / OutSig).

8Scrolling for receiving text
        Text display of decoded Morse code as rolling text (only if characters
        entered with the morse key or in morse chat)

        Alternating display after selection. Digital nautical charts with
        display of ships and coastal radio stations (OpenSeaMap), Morsechat
        as well as telegram form (more in progress).

      At this point I would like to thank the OpenSeaMap, OpenStreetMap
       and OpenLayers projects, without whose work the development of an digital nautical 
       chart would have been a real challenge for me!

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