How-To: Receiver operation

The main receiver

has an on / off switch, several buttons for programmable fixed frequencies, one of which is permanently assigned to the frequency 500 kHz, a digital frequency setting, a large tuning button (VFO), and controls for RF gain (RF Gain) and volume (Volume).

Turn on the device

You can see whether the device is on or off by  the green light in the ON button . Immediately after switching on you will hear a noise in the loudspeaker, and the selected frequency will appear in the digital frequency display.

Frequency setting

There are different ways to set the frequency. First, directly at the digits of the frequency display, by placing the mouse pointer on a digit and scrolling forwards or backwards with the mouse wheel. However, there is no overflow, i.e. you have to set each digit individually.
Second, you can turn the frequency wheel (Tune, the big wheel on the right of the receiver). Based on the currently set frequency, you can set all frequencies over the entire range from 30 to 30,000 kHz. Since this would be a bit tedious  in 1 kHz steps, the following key combinations can be used:

Ctrl-mouse wheel: 100 kHz steps
Shift-mouse wheel: 10 kHz steps
Alt-mouse wheel: 100 Hz steps

Unfortunately, these key combinations are assigned differently by the browsers, so that the result is unpredictable. A suitable key combination will therefore only be available in a later version.
You can also set the frequency in the control panel using the band switch and the activity indicator.

Store and recall frequencies

The fastest way, of course, is to save the frequencies with which you mainly work in the memory and to call them up again when necessary. This is quite simple:

With the frequency set on the receiver, click one of the buttons 1 to 7 and hold down the Ctrl key at the same time (Ctrl-left mouse click). The frequency is then saved locally in your browser. To retrieve the frequency, click with the mouse on the corresponding memory button.

However, this setting only applies to the browser used on the same computer for the respective station (ship or coast station).

Adjusting the volume (Volume)

With the volume control you can adjust the volume within certain limits.

RF gain

currently without function