May 4th, 2021 Pitch and speed of fixed broadcasts from coast stations

Texts with more than 3000 characters are now given at 120 characters / minute, otherwise the transmissions would take too long.
The coast radio stations now transmit on the A1 frequencies (KW and MW working frequencies) with different pitches, depending on the 1st letter of the callsign (the higher the 1st letter in the alphabet, the higher the pitch). The lowest frequency is 600 Hz, the highest 950 Hz.

April 21, 2021 Tables with search function for Q-codes and a broadcast schedule

Now there are tables with a search  function for Q-codes and for broadcasting times  (wx etc.) of coast stations  (Q-codes in German only).

April 14, 2021 New How-To for Scope operation

New Help page for the operation of the oscilloscope: How-To: Scope operation

April 02, 2021 Password protection completely removed

Since the protection was easy to bypass, it was completely removed. A password no longer has to be entered in the program.

March 31, 2021 End of the test phase

The password protection of the HOERWACHE homepage has been removed. Only access to the radio station is still password protected. This password only needs to be entered the first time a radio station is called up.
The password is: Pelindaba1975! (include the exclamation mark).

July 29, 2020 Automated radio communication

Automated radio communication through robot ships when predetermined positions are reached. (For the time being only TR messages (call 500 kHz, TR on the working frequency), because QTC are a bit more complex).

June 21, 2020 Ship routes

Ships can now travel on predefined routes. In addition, there are now dummy or robot ships that travel on these routes and will later carry out automated radio communications (auto QSO).